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Power Up, the worlds leading Complete Power Solution geared exclusively to advanced crystal battery technology is distributed exclusively in Africa by Build Africa. Power Up carries a Build Africa warrantee which is underwritten by our parent company in the Netherlands. The Power Up Complete Power Supply system encompasses all the features of a uninterrupted power supply, inverter, maximum power point tracker for solar and high tech battery charger designed specifically for the control of crystal batteries. All these features are included in a single attractive control unit the size of a lap top computer. The system is delivered as a complete unit with all batteries , cables and connectors. The Power Up system is easily installed by an electrician next to your distribution board and wires directly to the board. There are no extension cables and cords. The system can harvest power from solar panels, a windmill , the grid or even your generator. The system can be used as a complete off grid solution collecting power from solar, wind or hydro sauces. When your power supply fails you don’t do anything, the system is completely automatic and will supply you with power in less than 10 milliseconds. Your point of sale, computers, DSTV will not shut down. The system is noiseless, odorless, requires no maintenance and fits into confined space. Power Up will supply you with power for as many hours as you chose. Where you require additional power the system upgrades on a plug and play format. The benefits
  • A single self contained unit that carries out all the functions of a UPS, inverter , MPPT solar controller and high tech battery charger, cables and batteries.
  • European advanced technology with European warranty underwritten by Build Africa
  • The only system in the world specifically manufactured for the control of high tech crystal batteries
  • Twice the cycle power of any system currently on the market with battery life up to 4 times the life of deep cycle batteries.
  • Fully automatic with no downtime.
  • Connects and controls power from the grid, solar , wind, hydro, battery and generator
  • Full sine wave technology.
  • Compact and easy to install.
  • Batteries can be kept in an apartment or office.
  • Available from 1KVA to 30KVA
  • Affordable and can be financed through leading finance houses.
  • The system can be set to cut off your grid when power charges are high from your grid supplier allowing you to use cheap energy you have harvested during off peak times
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