Electricity savviness, an essential practice:

As citizens of South Africa, we are exposed to some of the highest rates for electricity usage in the world, with a ranking of between 10-14th highest, globally. As such, it makes sense that we look for ways to use electricity smarter, ways to make it go further and to be as environmentally friendly, or as ‘green’, as possible.


Geysers are right at the top of this list, so what can we do? Installing a solar water heater can help you save up to 65% on water heating costs, with a less costly option being to insulate your geyser using a geyser blanket, or to install an efficient shower head that uses less water. Insulating your roof and ceiling can help keep your home up to five degrees C warmer in winter, and up to 10 degrees C cooler in summer, saving on running costly heating and cooling systems.

You can also replace light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, turn appliances off when not in use instead of using stand-by mode (which can use up to 50% of the energy the appliance would use if it was on), installing timers on pool pumps, outdoor lights, geysers, etc. Dress yourself according to the weather to keep cool or warm, and open windows instead of using costly air cooling devices.

Some the largest energy consumers in our homes are:
  • Geysers
  • Heating and cooling appliances
  • Electronics on ‘stand-by’ mode
  • Lights
  • Cooking units
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Swimming pool pumps


What can we do to be more ‘green’ when we’re at work? Close off offices or large areas that do not require heating/cooling or set timers or motion detectors on these devices so they’re only in use when people are occupying the spaces. Adjusting the temperature by a few degrees probably won’t disrupt many workers’ comfort levels, but can contribute to some significant cost savings.

Installing timers on the office lights (after you’ve changed all the bulbs for energy efficient ones, of course. LED’s come in every size and shape these days!) will ensure the lights are only on when required. Aim to use consolidated office machines that combine functions instead of needing four or five different machines, and appoint a dedicated member of staff (this can be rotational) who ensures that all machines and lights are off at the end of every day.

At the office, some of the highest energy consumers are:
  • Air conditioning and heating units
  • Lights
  • Printing/copy machines
  • Computer hard drives and monitors/laptops
  • Kitchen appliances
  • High bay lighting

Many modern laptops and computers have advanced energy settings that switch the device to a power-saving mode within a stipulated time period. Ensure that all devices have these settings enabled and make it a priority that all devices are powered down and switched off after every day.

Where your office has roof space look at installing solar. Its not as expensive as you think and with companies like Power Up Supply disrupting the market with innovative technology which vastly reduces set up costs returns of +18% over the life of your green energy installation is well achievable.

Green initiatives are usually most successful when they are initiated from the top-down (management led), so be sure to set a good example for your colleagues and staff members and make energy efficiency a top priority in your business and home. Out of adversity comes success, through use of modern technologies and a motivated team the electricity cricis can turn your business into a more efficient unit.

How can we help?

Power Up Supply is a leading green company, specialising in the installation of alternative energy sources and power back-ups. Our power harvesting solutions are designed to work effectively with our off-the-grid solutions to provide you with a reliable and green energy source.

Contact us to discuss your energy requirements or to find out how we can help you move off the grid with alternative energy solution or integrated back-up power supplies.

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