Power Up: Unit Applications

For the first time in South Africa, and indeed Africa, the latest and most innovative environmentally-friendly energy technology is here. Power Up specifically tuned to Crystal battery technology provides consumers with twice the daily power output of similar sized deep cycle battery inverter systems. With a life time of 3100 cycles (8,4 years if used every day)* the system harvests power from solar, wind, hydro, the grid and your old generator and saves the energy to Lead Crystal battery banks. It is compact and incredibly efficient!

The Power Up unit is fully automatic, once installed by an electrician who will connect it directly to the DB Board, and is extremely compact (a little larger than a laptop), and requires no maintenance. It’s incredibly neat, designed on the Apple phone ergonomics so as to ensure that it can be kept in offices and homes.

The Power Up system picks up power within 10 milliseconds of a grid failure or disconnection, ensuring a virtually non-stop, uninterrupted power supply. This is invaluable in a business environment where time is money. This means that all your computers, security systems and cameras, point of sale appliances, lights, routers and PABX will continue to work when the power is interrupted, while your competitors’ will be forced into idle time.

Many people work from home these days or have offices at their residence, so using the Power Up unit at home can have huge benefits there too. The unit will ensure that you never have downtime due to lack of power, and that all your garages, safety gates, systems and cameras remain operational at all times, and that all your lights, TV’s, computers, routers, and fridges stay connected.

The Power Up system is ideal for home use and office. The technology allows it to be kept in doors and in close proximity to where you sleep and work. Unlike all the competitors; lithium, gel or acid batteries, the system has no fire risk and releases no gas or heat. Its ideal for apartments, homes and offices. The unit is available from 1KVA to 90KVA and the backup banks are tailored to each clients needs, and it is affordable, with finance options available through leading financial institutions.

The 5kva solar compatible Power Up unit with 4800wh of backup power with full array of solar panels is available for R107 000 ex vat. Using heat pumps/solar geysers and LED lighting, which PowerUp supplies to its customers at large discounts to market price, its well possible to take a medium sized house or office off the grid.

Power Up Supply is an innovative, environmentally conscious company that has many alternative energy products in production aimed at providing you with reliable and green energy sources. Get in touch today to discuss your green needs or to find out more about how we can help you move off the grid with alternative energy solutions or integrated back-up power supplies.

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