Businesses suffer heavy losses when the power is cut, so keep your business Powered Up with our uninterruptible power supply units.

An all in one solution covered by a single warranty, giving you peace of mind.

businessHow do you keep it business as usual when your electricity is anything but usual? With an uninterruptible power supply you can take back control of your business and avoid any unplanned down-time and loss of profit. Power Up is your complete energy solution from 3 Kva to 30 Kva. Power Up will keep the following appliances running
  • Nominated lights
  • Computers and servers
  • Routers
  • Point of sale
  • Security systems and cameras
  • PABX
Benefits of a Power Ups System
  • All your uninterrupted power systems, inverter systems, solar control and battery charger are housed in a single compact unit with a single warranty
  • Your business has a competitive advantage in that you are always open
  • There is no costly idle time on staff not being able to work
  • You don’t lose data on unexpected shut downs
  • You maintain your security systems
  • Your telephone systems work
  • Your tills keep ringing
Calculate the size and price of a suitable uninterruptible power supply unit  See our FAQ section for more information. Power Up can be financed for as little as R700 per month Contact us for more information
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