To what extent is it plug & play? With our plug and play building system any person can build up systems from 200 Watt to tens of kilowatts. No special skills are needed. Just connect the plugs in the sockets where they fit. If you don`t have empty sockets and free plugs left then you are finished. There are only 3 types of modules and 2 types of cables. It is that simple.

Is the InCharge system approved for aerial transport? Yes! That is why we use the most advanced battery technology. They are safe and reliable even in extreme conditions from -40°Cto 65°C (read more at products/powercore).

Why are the batteries better than lithium batteries? Lithium batteries have higher energy density but they can burn out and explode. They are difficult and expensive to control which is why Lithium batteries which are larger than what you find in portable computers are strictly forbidden to be transported by air. Read more about the benefits of our battery at products/powercor.

Can I Expand the system Later? You can easily add extra modules to your system to make it more powerful. Our inverters also has a special ability. You can connect them parallel on the 230V side and they synchronize their alternating current. By connecting 2 parrallel PowerBrains you can create a powerful 2000W group and it can even be a building block for larger systems.

Why is it cheaper to use InCharge? The savings on fuel can rapidly pay off the price of the initial purchasing costs of the system. We succeeded to make a powerful system available for the same price as annual fuel costs for an average generator (1-2 kW). It means for example, that instead of buying 3600 liter fuel to supply a generator for a year (€4000-6000), you can buy a medium sized InCharge system (€3800-€4800) and keep a small fuel reserve of 360 liter (€400-600) for backup.

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