Our FAQ can answer some of the important questions you may have regarding our services.

Our FAQ aims to provide quality insight, if you still need help with anything please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is a Power Up System? It is a compact and complete energy system roughly the size of your laptop computer which does all the functions of an inverter, uninterrupted power source, maximum power point tracker for solar and a charge controller, in one. The system is controlled by highly advanced “In Charge®” European technology and only runs crystal batteries is delivered complete with the control unit and all batteries.

What can I connect to the Power Up system? The system uses pure sine wave technology and will run all your lights and home appliances including energy saving lights and appliances with motors. For office use the POS, computers, routers, security systems and nominated lights.

What should not be connected to the Power Up System? High-energy consumption appliances with elements and large motors should not be connected. These include geezers, pool pumps, stoves, tumble dryers, under floor heating, air conditions and high bay lighting. None of which are essential during a power outage.

Can I choose what is connected to the system? Yes you can. Your electrician will identify these circuits on your DB board and connect accordingly.

How do I know which system to choose? We have created an easy to use electrical power calculator available on our website. Select the types of electrical appliances you would like to keep working in the event of a power cut and for how long and it will generate an approximate electricity usage and a quote for the most appropriate solution. Alternatively contact us to discuss your personal requirements for your home or business.

What do I do when there is a power failure? Nothing. The system automatically gives you uninterrupted power and the system will activate on it’s own almost instantly (under 10 milliseconds). Likewise when the power is restored the Power UP System recognizes this and automatically switches back to grid power and will immediately start recharging the batteries.

How do I connect the system? The system is extremely easy to install and can be done very quickly by a qualified electrician. Power Up will pay the first R500 of the connection fee which covers all straight forward connections. If your distribution board requires additional work to fit circuit breakers, separate circuits etc. the electrician will quote you directly.

How long will the batteries last when the power goes out? The crystal batteries can be discharged by 100% compared to only 50% for the lead gel or lead acid batteries. Power Up sets our discharge at 80% in order to shorten the recharge times. The batteries will last according to the power you are drawing. You can calculate this on our power tables or basic times chart in our datasheets.

How long will the batteries last before I have to replace them? The crystal batteries that the Power Up UPS system uses will last up to 4 times the life of a normal deep cycle battery. Using an average discharge of 60%-80% on a cycle you would achieve 3,100 cycles that would equate to 8.4 years.

Is it safe to keep the batteries in my office or my house? Yes you can keep them in a confined area or small space. Lead crystal batteries® have no odor and expel no gas. In a small office or shop 100m2, you will only require 2 to 4 batteries which will take up very little space and can be shielded with a battery cover for their protection.

If I am connected to solar or wind as well as grid, how does the system know from where to recharge? The Power Up continuous supply system will be preset to draw from alternative energy before it draws from grid power. You do not have to do anything.

How much does it cost? We have units available from R15, 300 upwards. We accept payment in full as well as offer lease solutions for as little as R550 per month from Real People or Wesbank, which we can arrange for you.

5/5 (1 Review)
5/5 (1 Review)