To build electric energy systems skilled persons are needed to calculate Voltages, Amperes and other parameters. The components have to be connected according to countless rules. Because most people don’t want to take an electrician with them everywhere and there is no time to wait sometimes for days to build up a system, we decided to develop a solution which can be used instantly by anyone.

One of the strongest benefits of our system is it’s ease of use. All modules are easy to transport and they are easy toput together without specials skills. You only have to insert the plugs into the sockets where they fit in. Then you turn on the switches and it works by itself.

We thought a lot about many aspects of use. For example, we have a built in support in our SolarCases which you can unfold in a few seconds. You can put the panels directly onto the ground or on a flat or nearly flat rooftop without thinking about how to install them. The support can be adapted to high or low sun levels.