Power Up Mobile provides a portable energy source with vast application potential.

You can use this mobile energy source as a starting point for your off the grid living solution.

Power Up, powered by In Charge, is available in a durable portable version which is ideal for outdoor recreational use, mobile offices, mobile clinics and disaster management.

SAVE 30% – 100% cost and emissions

The PowerCore and Powerbrain modules can reduce fuel consumption of generators by 30-50%. When applying the SolarCase you can even go for 100% renewable energy. Read More

POWERFUL and SCALABLE modular building blocks

Using the modules you can power anything from an individual device to multiple equipment for many people. You can also expand the system later if you need it. Read More

MOBILE and FIXED take away or permanent

This system is designed to be a fully transportable energy source and simultaneously suitable for permanent applications where easy installation and high reliability is needed. Read More

PLUG and PLAY ultimate ease of use

This system is plug and play. There are no special skills needed for the installation. Just put the plugs into the sockets where they fit in and turn on the buttons. Read More PowerCore-ICON PowerBrain-ICON1 Solarcase-ICON1
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