PowerCore units provide safe and reliable energy storage.

PowerCores can be used independantly or in conjunction with the PowerBrain to efficiently serve as an energy storage unit.

The PowerCore is a controlled energy storage module applying a revolutionary battery technology. It is capable to store 720Wh of electric energy. Multiple pieces can be connected parallel to create  large energy storage banks. Each PowerCore module regulates its own charge and discharge independently through its ownmicroprocessor control unit. It results in an exceptionally reliable and maintenance free system.
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Flexible Useability

The PowerCore modules can be charged by either our SolarCases or by any conventional power supply such as a generator, windmill or simply from the grid. Our PowerBrain (inverter/charger) modules are used in between the PowerCore and the power supply in order to deliver the right type of power.

You can use the PowerCore as a stand-alone 12V power source or through our PowerBrain as a 230V AC power source. This way you can power everything from small 12V devices such as laptops and communication devices to any other equipment that requires 230V.

Scalable Power

Multiple PowerCores can be connected to one of our PowerBrain (inverter/charger) modules to deliver a total of1.400W output. Multiple of these PowerBrains can be parallel connected to access for example 4.000W output power or even more. (Read more about this in our system descriptions.)

Takeaway Energy

Even if you use the PowerCore as part of a battery bank you can simply pick one or more out of the group and take it with you to an other location. Whenever you’re done, you simply put the used modules back to the battery bank and in the next charge cycle they will equalize themselves with the remaining units.

Special Battery Technology

Forget all the negative thoughts that you might have heard about conventional battery systems!
  • It functions well at constant extreme temperature conditions from -40°C to 60°C
  • It can be charged/discharged 1300 to 3500 times even at high temperatures
  • It doesn`t have to be regularly charged fully or kept charged as much as it is possible
  • It can be totally discharged and left uncharged for a longer period without problems.
  • It has only 20% self discharge/year so you can store it for years without keeping it on a charger
  • It can be charged and discharged much faster than conventional batteries
  • It uses environmental friendly neutral electrolytes instead of acids and it has a 99% recycle rate.
Technical Features Dimensions
Voltage: 12V DC Capacity: 60Ah (20h)
Cycle life at 20°C: 1600-3600 charge/discharge cycles (80%-40% DOD) !
Cycle life at permanent 40°C: 1250-3000 charge/discharge cycles (80%-40% DOD) !
Float service life:  16 years at 0°C, 12 years at 20°C, 8 years at 35°C
Extreme temperature tolerance: -40°C to 60°C !
Extreme low self discharge: 20% self discharge / year !
Max. current: 20 A per module
Max delivered power: 240W per module
Stored energy: 720Wh per module
Parallel connectable to increse power and capacity
Microprocessor controlled charge/discharge
Protected against: short circuit, overcurrent, overcharge, deep-discharge
Tolerant even to 100% discharge!
Automatic recovery after overcurrent
Lenght: 26cm Width: 26cm Height: 36cm Weight: 20kg
5/5 (1 Review)
5/5 (1 Review)