Beat load shedding with our residential power solutions that can keep your home running when Eskom fails.

We provide power solutions that allow you to run only the bare necessities, or even some extra appliances, such as computers and routers.

home With Power Up Complete Power Solution you have all the functions of :
  • A UPS -Uninterrupted power supply that picks your power up in less than 10 milliseconds when Escom fails.
  • An Inverter- to convert alternating current and direct current so that you can use batteries, a windmill or solar to power your home
  • ¬†MPPT- Maximum power point tracking to ensure that where you are connected to solar that the system maximizes power harvesting
  • A high highly advanced battery charger set for your specialized Crystal batteries
All in a visually attractive control panel roughly the size of your laptop computer. The system is delivered and installed complete with the batteries and cables. The batteries can be kept in a home or office and let off no gasses. Power Up will keep the following appliances in your home powered up
  • Nominated lights
  • Computers
  • Fridges
  • Security systems, gates and cameras
  • TV, decoders
  • Routers
  • Hairdryers and other motorized appliances.
The system is completely automatic and there is no manual input needed. The power fails your life continues uninterrupted. If you are away there is no chance that a power failure or load shedding results in your alarm not working, your garage doors not opening when you get home or your fridge going off. Use our electricity consumption calculator to determine your needs and calculate the hours that the Power Up system will power your home. Power Up can be financed for as little as R700 per month
5/5 (1 Review)
5/5 (1 Review)